• Proven Strategies

    The Publishing Catapult system is built on a set of strategies and techniques that have been proven time and again to 'catapult' any book into the Amazon best sellers list in any niche. Everything we teach is within the guidelines that Amazon have set for publishing in the Kindle Book Store.

    Structured Training

    Our structured workbooks and video training will ease you gently into the various concepts and skills you will need to become a successful author. Once you have learned those skills you will be able to publish as many books as you like, quickly and simply!

    Outstanding Ongoing Support

    Self Publishing is our business, so we won't just give you a login and tell you to 'have at it'. You will have ongoing support from our experienced support staff for as long as you need. We will help you with every aspect of making your books successful including online marketing and a website for your books.

    Regular Updates

    We believe that learning should be an ongoing process, so we provide our members with regular updates, new tools and new training videos every month which provide additional valuable skills in all areas of online publishing and marketing.

    How To Join The Publishing Catapult Family

    The Publishing Catapult system can be purchased online from the link to the right. This includes all of the online training material and 12 months access to our expert staff at the Publishing Catapult helpdesk.


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  • I am beyond excited. You seriously are a genius and a gift to all self-published Authors! All I can say about the Secret Sauce is…. Hallelujah! Anytime you want a live testimonial on stage just give me a call. I'm serious! This is just too good.

    Bernadette, Auckland, NZ

  • I know I say it often and repeatedly, but I do not feel as if I can say it enough - your team exceeds any possible expectation EVERY TIME!!! I am SO GRATEFUL for your support.

    Christina, California, USA

  • I help my clients create content for a living, but could never find the time to getting around to doing it for myself. That is why I was so excited to find Publishing Catapult's Make Me An Author program. I just finished reading the first draft of my first book and I am so excited!! Your team has been great through this process, really getting to know my market and my voice to make sure the book aligns with both. This has been such a fun experience. Thank you!!

    Kendra, California, USA

  • Not being a writer at all I joined Publishing Catapult to ensure that my eBooks had the best chance at being read by the invented audience as well as Amazon best sellers. Sean and his team at Publishing Catapult did not disappoint. Two of my books became best sellers within a month and the others are well on the way. I cannot recommend joining Publishing Catapult enough to anyone who wishes to publish any form of eBook.

    Stephen, Melbourne Australia

  • Don't let what is literally an opportunity of a lifetime to pass you by. The team is solid, they deliver and best yet, you have contact and hand holding all the way to make sure success is inevitable. And I haven't even told you about all the perks of being part of the team, that is for you to discover just as I have. The time to become a best selling author is yesterday, get in now.

    HB, Queensland Australia

  • My name is Elize Hattin from elizehattin.com. I am a life, business and executive coach. Using Sean’s system, I catapulted my book, The Problem Solving Pocket Guide, and within 48 hours it went straight to #1 in the problem solving and decision-making niche – Amazing!! That was truly the best thing I learnt -- how to get your book to #1 in your niche.

    Elize Hattin, Queensland Australia - elizehattin.com

  • I’d highly recommend Sean and the Publishing Catapult system because it teaches you not only how to write and publish your own books, but gives you resources to draw on to make it easier. I also found having a mentor to get help from enormously helpful. Publishing Catapult system has empowered me to write and publish 6 new books in the last 9 months.

    Philip Bridgeman, Queensland Australia

  • After meeting Sean and enrolling in the Publishing Catapult system I suddenly had the answers all right in front of me! I immediately set about writing as instructed. Sean’s Publishing Catapult system is straightforward, full of tips from how to choose the best book title to where to look up the best names for your book’s characters. With a support team who respond quickly if you get stuck with any issues or technical challenges along the way. In under two months I had my first book up on Amazon.

    Adele Jean, Auckland NZ - www.adelejjean.com

  • Thank you Sean for this great opportunity. I am always indebted to you for your kindnesses. This tutorial is so helpful.

    Debbie, Wellington, NZ

  • Oh man its exciting and I need to get focused so THANK YOU. And I agree that giving the information slowly helps pace and not get too overwelmed. Thank you Sean, so far… so good ..wooo!.

    Noula, Melbourne, Australia

  • I have been VERY excited about doing the Publishing Catapult right from the start. A thousand thank yous for your fabulous support so far.

    Simon, Brisbane, AU

  • Since becoming part of Sean’s team I have completed 4 books, and gained so much information about writing a best seller. Probably the best thing I have learnt from Publishing Catapult is that you don’t necessarily have to be a great author, there are many ways you can have a book written.

    Sandra Wilkinson, NSW Australia - www.myhealthfoodchoices.com

  • Sean and his team are very generous with their time, they listen to authors and respond in an honest, empathetic and passionate way. Publishing Catapult is willing to take the time that is needed to facilitate a win-win outcome for all involved.

    Toni Dowd, QLD Australia

  • I have written texts and training books and always thought I would like to be a published author so when Sean started talking about Amazon and Publishing Catapult I really started to listen. I had no idea about digital publishing, nothing about Social Media and nothing about Internet Marketing. When I received the course it was mind blowing, not only is it extremely comprehensive but it is written in such a way that it is dead simple to understand, anyone from 10 to 100 can do this.

    Sylvia Smith, NSW Australia - http://amzn.to/19tAc6c/span>

  • I must say that I have not been disappointed. Sean's team, and Nyrie in particular have delivered exactly what they said they would. Two incredibly exciting moments for me in the programme so far, have been when I received the first drafts of my 3 manuscripts, and when I received my initial book cover images. At that moment I knew that the goal to be a published author was going to become a reality! I highly recommend Sean and the Publishing Catapult system. He truly does have the step-by-step system that you can follow to become a published author.

    Dr. Tony Pennells, WA Australia - www.WealthToday.com.au

  • Sean Roach and the Publishing Catapult system provide the information, tools and strategies for writers to maximise on the exciting opportunities that online publishing provides, integrating a wealth of knowledge from Sean's 12+ years of online publishing and marketing experience. In addition, Sean is au fait with the inner workings of Amazon and always across their new developments and directions.

    Angela Zivkovic, VIC Australia

  • Through my life I have had many ideas that I have not pursued just to then witness some one else think of the same or similar thing and make money off it, so Sean’s talk was especially poignant and rang many bells with me. For some time I have had the idea to write about my experience with teaching my children how to manage money so that they would hopefully have a better understanding than I did when I started work. I had no idea how to go about it. I decided to do the full supported program as I had no idea and needed all the help I could get. I am now on the cusp of publishing the books and am very excited about the prospect.

    Barbara Miller, NSW Australia

  • What I can say, and was the most important factor for me in choosing Catapult over others (with greater claims and promises) was definitely the contact. I went to a free seminar with no confidence about even starting this project. I listened to Sean and as always in large crowds I remained quiet and avoided eye contact. I did not commit on the day, but the next day I sent an email with no expectation of anything more than the usual auto response. I was completely shocked when I had a personal reply and encouragement the very same day. That personal service has continued, and with patience, despite my inane questions.

    Graham Bell, WA Australia